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How to Build a Drag Racing Lawn Mower

Racing a drag racing lawn mower is a project that a home-owning racing fan can do in their garage. It will require the use of a welder, which most homeowners do not have in their home. These are available to rent, however, at many heavy-equipment rental companies. Other than that, the other tools are usually found in a standard toolbox.

Set the mower on a flat surface, preferably inside a garage.

Lift the hood open. Fortify the engine's frame by welding extra bars on both sides of it. This is done to prevent the engine from rattling at high speeds.

Unscrew the governor that restricts fuel flow into the engine with a screwdriver. Unscrew the clamp on the fuel hose that is near the engine to increase fuel flow into the engine, ultimately increasing the horsepower.

Remove or cover the headlights. This prevents the headlights' plastic pieces from turning into projectiles. To remove the headlights, open the hood and disconnect the light harness which connects the lights to the engine, then unscrew the bracket holding it into position with a Phillips-head screwdriver. To tape them, cover the complete area with duct tape.

Check the tires for any leaks or holes. Also, make sure that the tread is still deep, so that you yo not lose any traction.

Look for any signs of rust or corrosion in the muffler. If anything of the sort is present, clean the muffler, then apply epoxy over the rusted areas and allow it to dry.

Remove the blades by unscrewing the bolt in the center of the deck. Spinning blades are dangerous and can cause serious injury if a mower should tip, which may happen in lawn mower racing.


Some tracks require the deck to be kept on to stabilize the machine, while others do not. Check the track's rulebook.


Wear a long-sleeved shirt, pants, neckbrace, safety gloves and a helmet during races to protect yourself.

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