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How to Kill Algae on Pool Toys

By Constance Barker
Kill algae on pool toys with bleach.
colorful pool toy floating in a summer pool image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.com

Pools are a summertime escape, but algae can lurk in the water and along the walls of pools. Algae can stick to pool toys that are left in the pool water, and nobody wants to lay in a swimming pool lounger covered in algae or toss a pool ball that is streaked with the green slime. Cleaning pool toys of algae growth is simple as long as you understand the proper procedures for killing algae.

Wear rubber gloves and place the pool toys on concrete or gravel. You may also lay them on the ground, but the chlorine solution that you use to clean the toys may kill the grass.

Mix chlorine bleach or pool shock solution with water in a bucket. Place 1 cup of bleach or shock into the bucket and fill with water from a garden hose.

Dip a scrub brush into the bleach solution and clean the algae off the toys. The bleach kills the algae, making it easier to remove. Use a nylon brush on pool toys that have a soft outer surface.

Wash the pool toys with the bleach solution and a sponge after loosening the algae with the scrub brush. Clean away all of the algae from the toys.

Place the toys on the concrete or gravel and rinse with a garden hose. Turn over the toys so that you rinse both sides.


Things You Will Need

  • Rubber gloves
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Chlorine bleach or pool shock
  • Scrub brush or nylon brush
  • Sponge
  • Garden hose


  • Use pool shock solution to prevent algae growth in pool water and on pool toys.

About the Author


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