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How to Make a Craftsman Lawn Tractor Go Faster

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When you feel your Craftsman lawn tractor is lacking power and you would like to know how to make it go faster, you will need to follow a few procedures to ensure that its engine is optimized for speed. You also may want your Craftsman lawn tractor to go faster so you can compete in lawn tractor races.

Open the hood on the Craftsman lawn tractor. Locate the flywheel housing on top of the engine.

Unscrew the bolts holding the flywheel housing to the top of the engine with the proper sockets. The bolts will be around the perimeter of the flywheel engine. Pull off the housing when you have removed all of the bolts.

Locate the governor next to the flywheel. The governor is a plastic flap that prevents the engine speed from going to high by pulling the carburetor closed when the flywheel turns to fast. Unscrew the single bolt holding the governor to the engine with the proper socket. Unhook the spring attaching from the governor to the carburetor. Reattach the flywheel housing to the top of the engine.

Inspect the muffler mounted on the front of the lawn tractor frame. If there are any cracks in the muffler, then the muffler isn't providing enough back pressure for the engine and the engine won't go as fast. Unscrew the four bolts holding the muffler on with the proper wrench and install a new muffler if the old one has cracks in it.

Fill the fuel tank on the Craftsman lawn tractor with a higher octane gas to make the engine burn fuel faster and increase its speed. The highest octane gas at standard gas shops is 92 octane.

Craftsman Lawn Tractor Deck Wash Instructions

Park the lawn tractor on a level area of your driveway or your lawn. Make sure the deck is close enough to an outdoor faucet that a hose will easily reach from the faucet to the tractor’s washout port, which is typically located on the tractor deck. Remove the bagger chute or mulch cover if it is still attached to the tractor. Release the locking collar to lock the hose in place. Position the throttle into the “Fast” position. Remain seated on the tractor until the deck is clean and you turn off the engine. Turn the water off and remove the hose from the deck washout port. This will allow any remaining water to drain from the underside of the deck. Allow the tractor dry completely before storing it.

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