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How to Measure an Intex Pool

Intex swimming pools are a very popular because they are simple to set up and do not require a great deal of care or maintenance. Additionally, because they come in a wide variety of size options they are perfect for families with small children as well as those with teenagers. Easy Set pools come in a variety of size options from eight to 18 feet in diameter and 30 to 52 inches in overall height. Finding the measurement of an Intex pool is very simple Requiring only a tape measure and a fully inflated and filled pool.

Measure the across bottom of the Intex Easy Set pool with a tape measure from the widest point to determine the diameter. This measurement is easiest to obtain before the pool is filled.

Inflate the upper ring of the pool using an air pump.

Fill the pool with water until it is full to just below the inflatable ring.

Measure from the ground to just below the bottom of the inflatable ring to determine the water depth.

Measure from the top of the inflatable ring to the ground to establish the overall height of the pool.

Intex Pool?

Intex swimming pools must be placed on a flat, level surface consisting of grass, compacted dirt or pavement. Never place the pool on mud, wooden decks, balconies or any other elevated surface. Check residential city codes to see if you are required to install a fence around the pool area for safety purposes. Intex swimming pools 15 feet in diameter and larger require a pool ladder for consumers to use to safely enter and exit the pool area. Place a pool cover over the swimming pool when not in use, especially if the pool is under large trees, to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating in the pool water.

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