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Do You Give a Graduate Flowers?

By Jordyn McMahon

Whether you're saying "Happy Tuesday" or "Will you marry me?" there is never a wrong time to give flowers to someone special. Graduation is an occasion made more festive by flowers, and there are several ways you can bestow some blooms on a brand new grad.

Flower Leis

Nowadays, many graduates wear flower leis with their graduation gowns, as long as the college or high school permits it. Particularly commonplace in schools situated along the ocean, these leis add a celebratory flair to the traditionally basic, black graduation robes. The most common type of flower leis are composed of purple orchids, and oftentimes vendors are on site at the graduation ceremony selling the decorative pieces.

Corsage or Boutonniere

There is a tradition that a parent or guardian gives a corsage to a female graduate or a boutonniere to pin on a male graduate's lapel, but in recent times this tradition has become less prevalent. Still, if you would like to commemorate and honor the graduate with flowers, this is a special and simple way to do so. Carnations and roses are the most traditional flowers for corsages and boutonnieres, but orchids and other flowers can be used as well.


If you are unable to attend a graduation ceremony, sending a bouquet is a perfect way to let the graduate know that you were thinking about him or her. Since various flowers hold special meanings, you can even request to have a bouquet made up of symbolic flowers such as:

Iris: Hope and Wisdom Pink Heather: "Good Luck" Yellow poppy: Wealth and success Gladiolus: Strength of character Red and Yellow Roses: Congratulations Baby's Breath: Happiness


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