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When to Plant Orchard Grass?

Orchard grass is a cool season grass which is typically found in pastures. Cool season grasses germinate very early and produce well in May and early June. Orchard grass is commonly cultivated as forage such as hay or silage or used as grazing grass. Because orchard grass is dormant during the summer months, and is at its peak in late spring, planting orchard grass is often done in late summer or sometimes early fall.


Orchard grass is grown from seeds and produces fuller crops when grown on rich soils. With a well-prepared seed bed, however, orchard grass may flourish in poor soils or shady areas. Orchard grass responds well to nitrogen, which can be added after the spring thaw. Orchard grass is often planted in tandum with field brome grass, as the two will not dominate each other and will produce a thicker crop.


Ideally, orchard grass should be planted in August or September. You may wait until October or November is you live in warmer climates. Soil should be tilled before planting and be moderate to well-drained. Seed should be planted 10 to 20 pounds per acre. Planting depth is 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

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