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How to Root Cuttings of a Butterfly Bush (Propagation)

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The butterfly bush is a beautiful bush that blooms from midsummer through September. When in bloom, the bushes are covered in blossoms of several shades, including white, red, pink, yellow, purple, blue and maroon. Butterfly bushes are desirable due to their large blossoms and attraction to many varieties of butterflies. Butterfly bushes can be costly, so propagating or rooting cuttings of a butterfly bush has become common.

The first step in rooting cuttings or propagating an established butterfly bush is to choose your cut. Simply remove a branch or cutting from the bush by snipping it off with garden cutters. Choose a healthy cutting that has new growth on it.

Remove any lower leaves from the cutting and stick the cutting into the ground about 4 inches deep.

Water the cutting and forget about it. You should see new growth in about a month. Once you see new growth on the cutting, you can move the cutting to a permanent place.



  • Butterfly Bush prefers well-drained soil, so keep the soil moist, but not too wet.

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