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How to Plant Flower Seeds in Pots

By Karen Ellis ; Updated September 21, 2017

It’s a great savings to plant your own potted flowers from seed. Start the seeds indoors in small seeding containers, transplanting them to larger, decorative containers after they have grown to seedling size. This will assure that the newly planted seeds have the warmth and moisture needed for germination.

Use peat pots, seeding trays or small, used food containers, such as for yogurt or pudding, to plant your seeds. Poke several small holes in the bottom of the food containers so that excess water can drain.

Pour ordinary potting soil into the seeding pots, but leave about a 1/2 inch free at the top. Spray some water in each pot, then stir the soil with your finger or a pencil, until all the soil is moistened.

Read the planting directions on the back of the flower seed packet for planting depth. Different flower seeds must be planted at varying depths, according to the size. Larger seeds are planted deeper.

Make a hole in the center of the soil in each pot, to the depth required. Drop a flower seed in each hole, then drop soil over the top to cover the hole.

Place all of your flower seeded pots onto a tray. A commercial seeding tray will come with its own bottom tray. Wrap a piece of plastic wrap over the tray, loosely.

Put the tray of pots near a sunny window that will provide at least 6 hours of daily sunshine. Check the soil often to make sure the soil is moist. Give each pot a spray of water when the soil is dry.

Take the plastic cover off of the pots when the seeds germinate. Offer a couple of sprays of water to each seedling when the soil becomes dry, about once a day.

Transplant the 4- or 5-inch seedlings into decorative pots. Fill the new pots with potting soil, enough so that the seedling soil top will be an inch from the rim of the pot. Take the seedling out of the seeding pot and place it on top of the soil

Pour additional potting soil around the seedling root soil until it is at the same level as the top of the root soil. Press around the plant, gently. This will eliminate any air pockets. Add more soil, if needed. Repeat this process with all of the seedlings.


Things You Will Need

  • Seed planting pots
  • Potting soil
  • Water sprayer
  • Flower seeds
  • Pencil
  • Tray
  • Plastic wrap

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