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How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

By Home & Garden Editor

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap. There is nothing more annoying than tiny little fruit flies zipping around your home. With spring, and the availability of more fruits and vegetables, they are bound to be more of a problem. Use this simple trap to quickly get rid of your little bug problem.

Clean out a glass jar or bottle.

Place bait inside the jar. You can use a piece of fruit, vegetable or red wine inside the jar. You can use whatever you have on hand or what originally attracted the bugs in the first place. All three of these products are great for attracting fruit flies.

Cover the jar with plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band. Make sure that the top of the jar is completely covered and doesn't have any escape routes for the fruit flies.

Poke small holes into the plastic wrap. Make sure to keep the holes small so that the fruit flies can crawl in but can't fly out. A straight pin or paper clip is perfect for this.

Leave the newly made trap out where the fruit flies will be able to find it. Since fruit flies typically fly rather than crawl out of spaces they will be able to get into the trap but won't be able to get out.

Clean out the jar whenever you have trapped the fruit flies. Place new bait in the jar, recover the jar with new plastic wrap and the rubber band and keep trapping them. You will never have to worry about fruit flies around the house again.


Things You Will Need

  • Jar
  • Bait
  • Plastic wrap
  • Rubber band
  • Straight pin or paper clip