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How to Treat Fruit Flies in Guavas

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Fruit flies are a headache for most gardeners as the flies can attack fruis and ruin your harvest. Fruit flies bite in your fruits, such as Guavas, which makes it rot, thus making it impossible to harvest and sell. The best way to protect your fruit from flies is by spraying chemical or organic pesticides over the plants and fruits which in turn will kill nearly all of the fruit flies.

Fill a sprayer with a premixed organic or chemical pesticide of your choice.

Pump up the sprayer and go around in your garden spraying your guava trees with a pesticide to prevent fruit fly infestation.

Fill a plastic bottle with honey and some water. Shake the mixture until the honey dissolves in the water.

Cut a 2-inch hole in the neck of the bottle using a sharp knife. Wrap a string around the neck of the bottle and hang it up on a tree. The sweet smell of the honey will seduce the flies into the bottle and they will suffocate in the water.

Treat Fruit Flies In Guavas

Harvest guavas before they ripen fully. Monitor fruits for infestation. Tiny punctures that leak juice when the fruit is squeezed indicate infestation. Cut open fruit to look for larvae. Seal infested fruits in a plastic bag. Leave the bag outside in the sun for several days, then dispose of it in the garbage. Add one or two drops of unscented liquid dish soap. Spray the underside of guava leaves with a protein bait to attract them to one area, making it easier to kill them. Spray the foliage and fruit with 5 to 10 liters of the pesticide. Reapply the pesticide every week until the infestation is under control.


Collect already infested fruits and burn them in kerosene or cover them in cooking oil.

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