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How to Identify Honeysuckle

By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 21, 2017
Identify honeysuckle in a growing area by its blossoms and foliage.
Honeysuckle image by StylezInk from Fotolia.com

Although some gardeners enjoy growing honeysuckle in a garden, others avoid honeysuckle due to its invasive growth habits. There are many different kinds of honeysuckle plants, some are a bush variety and others a vining variety. Both honeysuckle varieties have similar characteristic blossoms and foliage, although the blossom colors can vary. Identify honeysuckle when you see it growing in full sun or in shade and then decide whether to keep it growing in your landscape or eradicate it.

Visit the CalPhotos website to view the assorted photos of different honeysuckle varieties. Notice the blossoms all have a similar construction and shape, with a narrow tubular base changing into fluted petals that open to display the stamens and pistil of the flower. Some blossoms are all white, other blossoms are white with yellow tips and still other blossoms are a coral, pink or orange.

Notice that bush honeysuckle plants vary in size from a few feet in height and width to over 30 feet tall. The stems of bush honeysuckles are light brown in color and hollow and the berries of these shrubs are red. Bush honeysuckles leaves vary somewhat between varieties; some have smooth, oval leaves and non-serrated edges; others have leaves with pointed tips; and others have hairy undersides.

See that vining honeysuckle plants resemble the bush honeysuckle plants in blossom and foliage, except the vining honeysuckle climbs energetically up trellises and walls and along fences.

Look for honeysuckle blossoms during the spring and fruits to ripen by the end of summer. Fruit colors range from red to brown to black.


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