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Fastest Growing Vines for Trellises

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There's no point having a trellis if you don't have something growing on it. Roses can be beautiful climbing garden fixtures, but take quite a bit of time and care to get there. Vines grow faster--many growing 10 or more feet in a year--allowing you to enjoy your garden more fully.

Passion Flower

Passion flower is a perennial vine with flowers that are a mix of white and purple, and tend to have a pleasant scent. Flower heads are about 8 inches wide. The fruit is edible and said to have a calming effect on individuals. Butterflies and other creatures are drawn to the colorful petals and sweet smells. Passion flower is hardy in zones 5 through 9. Grow in rich, damp soil that drains and place in an area that gets several hours of full sun each day. Prune the vine back in the fall.

Morning Glories

Morning glories vines grow up to 10 feet and love to climb. The blooms open in the morning hours each day and close up by afternoon. One variety is referred to as the 'Moonflower' because it does the opposite, blooming in the evening and closing at morning light. The 'Blue Dawn' is one of the fastest growing morning glories, producing up to 60,000 blooms per year, or about 250 or more a day. Although a fairly popular petal color is blue, you can also find morning glories in red, white and yellow. Plant the vines in the sun in a location where you want them to remain because they are hard to transplant. The plant will reseed itself for the following year. Morning Glories are hardy in zones 8b through 11.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas can reach a height of 6 or 7 feet in their yearly growth as long as you provide them with a trellis or something else to climb. Their bloom colors range from white and subtle pink to red and purple, with a sweet fragrance. When growing these flowers, make sure they have plenty of sun with draining soil. A soil rich in nutrients is best. Give the vines fertilizer every couple of weeks to a month. Pull off dead blooms to encourage new ones to grow. Water almost daily. Sweet peas grow as a perennial in zones 4 through 7.

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