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How to Dry Moonflower Seed Pods

Perennial moonflowers are related to the morning glory. A moonflower plant can reach up to 15 feet tall and it blooms in shades of white and pink. The flowers tend to climb trellises and fences and they can become invasive if you do not prune them. Remove moonflower seeds from dried seedpods, then store the seeds until the following growing season when you are ready to plant them.

Let the moonflowers bloom fully. The blooms open in the late afternoon and they develop throughout the growing season.

Remove the seedpod from a faded bloom. You can remove it after the flower dies or when the pod dries on the stem.

Place the pods in a bowl. Place the bowl in a warm and well-ventilated location. Allow the seedpod to dry. The pods will begin to crack and turn brown in color when they are ready.

Cut the pods open to remove the moonflower seeds. Remove any plant matter from the seeds.

Store the moonflower seeds in a sealed envelope. Place the envelope in a dry and cool location.

Moonflower Pods In The Fall?

Each moonflower seedpod contains a single large, black seed. Although moonflower seeds dry almost completely while their pods are on the plants, you can ensure better storage life for the seeds by drying them a bit longer after collecting them. Spread the seeds on a tray, and place the tray in a dark, warm and dry location for three to five days; excess moisture will evaporate from the seeds during that time. Moonflower seeds germinate best in spring when soaked in warm water overnight just before they are sown. In order to minimize that problem, remove all the moonflower seedpods in fall before they have a chance to dry and drop seeds.


Moonflower seeds, blooms and foliage are poisonous if ingested. Keep the moonflower away from pets and small children.

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