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How to Kill Grass With Household Products

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Although most homeowners work very hard to own a lush, green lawn, you may opt to clear the area to replant fresh grass, or install tile, stone or brick that is easier to maintain. You may also want to remove undesirable grass growing in cracks in driveways, landscaped areas or patios as opposed to an entire lawn. Although a broad spectrum herbicide kills unwanted lawn grass easily, it is costly and leaves behind toxic chemicals in the soil that are harmful for children and pets. Use household products for a cheaper and safer alternative to killing undesirable grass.

Household Vinegar

Pour white vinegar over unwanted lawn grass to burn and kill it. Common household white vinegar contains acetic acid that burns grass. Check that the one you have at home contains nine percent or more of acetic acid so it is effective in the first application.

Wear gloves and pour undiluted white vinegar into a spray bottle to target grass that grows between driveways or walkways, or pour vinegar directly from its own bottle if the area you want to clear is large.

Spray the vinegar over targeted grass, or pour it directly over large areas. Make sure you cover the entire grassy area.

Boiling Water

Pour water in a kettle and put it to boil on your stove.

Wear full pants, kitchen gloves and long boots and carefully take the kettle containing the boiling water outside. This apparel prevents you from burning yourself if the water splashes.

Pour boiling water directly over the unwanted grass through the spout. The water kills the grass immediately. Repeat if necessary.


Pour household beach into a spray bottle (for small infestations) until it is several inches below the rim. Select the stream setting in your spray bottle if available, to direct the flow of bleach toward targeted plants. For large infestations, however, use a garden sprayer.

Position the spray bottle directly over the grass and push the trigger to douse it with bleach. Make sure you cover the entire grass plant with bleach and not just the tip of the blades.

Inspect the area after one or two days, and reapply if necessary.


For best results, turn sprinklers off several hours before dousing the area with household vinegar, so the grass is dry. Select a sunny day for your household vinegar application. The sun acts as a catalyst and speeds up the burning process, thus killing grass immediately. Pour boiling water immediately over unwanted grass so it does not get a chance to cool down. Killing unwanted lawn grass with boiling water is inexpensive and simple.

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