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How to Plant a Tophat Blueberry Bush

By Annita Lawson ; Updated September 21, 2017

The tophat blueberry bush (Vaccinium top hat) is a dwarf blueberry hybrid that produces an abundance of fruit and is hardy in zones three to seven. This blueberry bush grows from one to two feet tall and one to two feet wide. The tophat blueberry bush prefers well-drained, sandy soil and full to partial sun. In spring it is covered in delicate whitish-pink blooms that are replaced by blueberries in early summer.

Take a soil sample to your local extension office for testing. Tophat blueberries do best in areas with a soil pH of 4.0 to 4.5. The extension office can advise you of the proper way to amend the soil in your garden, if necessary.

Dig a hole that is two times as wide and the same depth as the blueberry's growing container. Add a two- to three-inch layer of organic compost to the planting hole. Use your fingers to loosen compacted roots and place the root ball into the planting hole. Replace the loosened soil and tamp down to remove air pockets.

Water the bush until the soil is very damp but not soggy. Add a two-inch layer of organic mulch around the plant.

Check the soil several times each week and water whenever it no longer sticks to your finger. These plants require one to two inches of water every week during very hot weather.

Reduce watering frequency in early fall to encourage the plant to become dormant before winter's arrival.


Things You Will Need

  • Shovel
  • Organic compost
  • Organic mulch


  • Plant another dwarf blueberry bush nearby so that cross-pollination can occur, which will increase fruit production.
  • Plant this bush in a location that is protected from high winds.
  • Cover the bushes with netting when the fruits begin to develop to prevent birds from feasting on the fruit.
  • The tophat blueberry bush does well when planted in a container.