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Plants That Need a Lot of Water

Pink / Orange Dahlias on a Black Background. image by daseaford from

Gardeners that live in rainy zones may not be able to start a cactus or succulent garden, but they have many options when it comes to plants that need a lot of water. Whether you're seeking brightly colored flowers, trees or tropical shrubs, there are plenty of beautiful water-loving plant species to choose from.


dahlia image by leleuf62 from

The Dahlia genus contains a number of flowering plants that produce stunning, colorful blooms. The official flower of Mexico, dahlias are grown throughout the world for their ornamental blooms. Though there are many species to choose from, most dahlia species require similar growing conditions. Dahlias will thrive in full sunlight in rich fertile soil. Though dahlias love water, they should be planted in moist yet well-drained soils.

Abyssinian Banana

Abyssinian banana (Ensete ventricosum) is a member of the banana family, though the plant does not produce an edible fruit. Native to tropical East Africa, Abyssinian banana is an herbaceous perennial that is popular for its ornamental value. The plant boasts large, flat leaves and a stout, palm tree-like trunk. Abyssinian banana grows in warm suptropical or tropical climates, requiring full sunlight to really flourish. The Abyssinian banana loves water, and should be watered regularly. The soil should always be moist, but never overly soggy.


Sanchezia (Sanchezia speciosa) is an evergreen shrub that is popular for its beautiful, deep green foliage. Native to the train forests of Northeastern Peru and Equador, sanchezia is an attractive perennial that is often used as a border plant. Sanchezia produces stunning rows of tubular orange and red flowers that bloom year-round when the plant is in a tropical climate. The plant will grow well in filtered sunlight with plenty of water, keeping the soil moderately moist at all times during hot seasons.

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