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How to Kill Quack Grass

By Cleveland Van Cecil
Quack grass is not from a duck.
quack image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.com

Quack grass is a perennial grass commonly considered to be a weed. Its main characteristic is its robust nature, making it difficult to remove from a lawn. It's Latin name, Agropyron repens, means literally "sudden field of fire," an allusion to its ability to rapidly consume an entire lawn. Quack grass is found in all states except for Hawaii, Arizona and Florida. Quack grass grows from rhizomes buried in the earth which produce thin, flat blades of grass which can reach 1 to 4 feet if left un-mowed. Control is difficult, but possible.

Apply nitrogen fertilizer to the quack grass to promote the growth of dormant buds in the grass. This will prevent grow back once herbicide is applied.

Spray the quack grass with an herbicide containing glyphosate using a spray wand and pump. Apply herbicide directly to the grass.

Repeat application of the herbicide every 30 to 45 days until the quack grass dies away.

Cover areas of dead quack grass with mulch to suffocate any remaining living grass and prevent new growth.