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How to Plant a Grape Tree

grapes on vine image by Tracy Horning from

A grape tree, better known as a grape vine, can be an ideal addition to a home garden whether you want to use the fruit harvest for jam, juice, fresh fruit or wine. A grape tree produces several bushels of grapes each year. Planting a grape tree is fairly easy, but it is important to plant it next to a trellis from an early stage.

Plant the grape tree in full sun with well-draining, loamy soil on a southern slope.

Hammer the T-posts about 1 foot into the ground. Space the posts every 10 feet for multiple grape plants, than lay the mesh wire across the front of the posts. Secure the mesh to the posts with wire ties.

Dig a hole 10 to 12 inches deep and 12 inches in diameter at one end of the wire mesh fence.

Set the grape vine carefully into the hole, and backfill the hole with soil, stamping it down.

Soak the ground in water around the base of the grape vine, keeping it consistently saturated for about 15 days. Decrease watering the plants to once per week.


Grapes are especially grown successfully wherever peaches, cherries and corn flourish.

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