Using Scotch Guard on Carpet

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DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green with Excuse me. The reason why before I said we'll go ahead and hold off on the breaking out, if we were done with--we'll, let's say if the customer was not having a supply of carpet protector, then we would have gone ahead and raked that, and we would have been done. In this case, we're going to ahead and show you applying carpet protector, often referred as stain guard or Scotch Guard. DuPont Teflon is the brand that we prefer. It's considered to be the best product in the industry, and we'll go ahead and apply this first and then rake it. And this will allow us to work that protector a little bit more into the carpet. Otherwise, like I said, if we weren't doing the protector, we would have gone ahead and raked it right after the buffing. First off, we're just going to do is, especially with our protector, we want to clear out our line. This line right here goes down into the jug before we had sanitizer, and then before that, we had a cleaner in there, especially with protector, 'cause the last thing we want to do--we want to make sure that only the protector is going on the carpet because we're not going to be rinsing the carpet again. So we're going to clear out what was--last in here was the sanitizer. A good 3 or 5 seconds is fine, and then we're ready to apply the protector to the carpet, and this as well as the sanitizer is just a very even coating. A little less bit heavy than the sanitizer but is evenly applied. And as I said before, this helps the carpet to be more soil resistant, stain resistant. This product, as we talked about before, will remove all kinds of stains from the carpet. I might have been a little bit more nervous to apply this to the carpet if I hadn't already protected this carpet the last time we cleaned it eighth months ago, which allows that to provide a barrier from whatever we put on the carpet to prevent that from soaking into the pores of the fiber and permanently staining it. Like I said, think of the protector as a protective coating or barrier around the fiber.