How to Clean Bathrooms: Rinsing Shower Walls

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After the dirt on shower walls has been softened, it's important to fully rinse the shower. Rinse shower walls after loosening dirt with tips from a housekeeper in this free video on cleaning bathrooms. View Video Transcript

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And you can feel the dirt coming off onto your...onto your cloth. You can feel how it's loosened itself up from that...the foaming cleanser that we sprayed on there to soften everything up. So you just keep rinsing that, couple times. So you just want to get rid of all that dirt that you just picked up in your cloth. And keep going until you can feel that that has gone, and that it's a smooth surface, and you're not picking up any more of that dirt as you're wiping. Don't forget your shelves. Okay. And I did loosen up, with a toothbrush, I loosened up these cracks around the sides and on the shelves that go back into the corner, make sure you loosen up with a toothbrush. And just keep rubbing down your walls until you can feel it's squeaky clean. And rinse again.