How to Remove Hard Water Stains

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How to Remove Hard Water Stains - Provided by eHow
Hard water stains in a bathroom are easily removed by first pouring on vinegar and then using a toothbrush or small scrub brush and scratching it out. Hard water stains don't have to be a cleaning problem with tips from a professional house cleaner and... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to clean hard water stains off your sink and you can really do this on anything. I'm just using the sink today. What I am going to do is I'm going to go and just pour vinegar right on the stain. And then I am going to take either I have a toothbrush but also a small scrub brush and lightly, lightly just kind of, you don't want to scratch but you just want to lightly use a little bit of rubbing. And then I am going to, to this vinegar I'm just going to add some hot water. And then I'm going to go around the whole sink just picking up anything that I just cleaned off from the bad stain. Once you remove the vinegar you want to rinse your sink very thoroughly to get the vinegar off. And I always like to go back with a paper towel and buff and I'm Ann Myrick that's how you clean hard water stains.