Making Mosaic Pet Headstones

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Making Mosaic Pet Headstones - Provided by eHow
Keep your family pet around and remembered by making a garden headstone for him/her. Learn more about pet headstones in this free garden craft video from a mosaic artist. View Video Transcript

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I'm Cooie Grey-Lavin and in this clip, I'll show you how to use unique headstones to customize your yard. Another way to add interest to your yard, in our family we make little headstones for all our dogs that have died. This particular one is our Golden Retriever. Scooter, so that's his name in old typeset. These are the colors that were in his collar. He was a Golden Retriever, so we have that and he also loved to chase raccoons and he had chased one a short time before he died, so we put a raccoon in it. That you can place around the yard, it's a simple mosaic stepping stone technique but we just added some different pieces to make it more interesting. You can add memorial plaques or plaques for members of your family that are, don't live there and you miss them to sort of remembrances. They add a nice personal touch to your yard. Adding a mosaic headstone to your yard can make more personal and unique.