How to Design Bookshelf Doors

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip we would be designing our doors. On our lower portion we are going to have 2 doors that are going to open up and cover our storage area down here. Now our doors are actually are going to fit on the inside so when they are shut it is going to be flushed with the outside of our frame work. We are first going to take some measurements to get in a over side size. Now our opening is 21 13/16 inches by about 13 5/8 inches. Now because we also have to factor in the room for the width of the hinges I'm going to cut my first piece at my exact measurement so when I come back and cut this in half that saw blade is going to take off a 8th of a inch and that is hopefully going to give the clearance that I need to be able to open and close those doors. The hinges that we would be using are just some simple silver hinges no fancy closing mechanism or anything like that. We are also going to be installing these magnetic devices that when the door is shut it is going to hold it shut. Of course we are going to have some silver knobs so you can actually open the door and have something to grab on to.