How to Create a Story Pole

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Learn how to create a story pole for a bookshelf from a carpentry expert in this free woodworking video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip we would be creating our story pole. In our unit here we are going to be putting in 3 shelves on each of the outer sides and then 1 in the center. Now we need them to be going all the way across so that it would look really nice and to do that we are going to need to drill a holes in the side cause these are going to be adjustable shelves but the holes need to be drilled just right so that when our middle shelf sits it is in lined all the way across. Same with the top going all the way across. To do that we are going to create a story pole or a drill guide which is going help use place these holes. First I'm just going to take a scrap piece of wood that I can fit in here and this is going to have my holes drilled it and I'm going to be using this as my guide. Now I want my shelf to sit in here in the middle and line up with my other shelf. So the first thing I did to my story pole is I marked which side is the top. Next I can go ahead and measure up to where my shelf is sitting which is 13 5/8 and I went ahead and transfer that measurement to my story pole. Now after I mark my line going all the way across I found my center, now my board is 3 inches so my center was a 1 1/2 and we are going to be using these little shelf support pieces. So I'm going to be drilling my hole right there. After that we are going to continue with the same procedure for the placement of the rest of our shelves.