How to Create a Design for Chest of Drawers

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Learn how to create a design for a chest of drawers in this free DIY woodworking video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village in this video clip we will be designing our drawers. The sides of our drawers are going to be made with 1/2 inch oak plywood and the bottoms are going to be made out of 1/4 inch oak plywood. With the drawer slides that we will be installing the directions require to have a 1/2 clearance on each side of the drawer. When I measure my opening for my drawer I get 28" if I subtract that 1/2 inch clearance from each side my drawer width is now going to be 27". When I design my chest of drawers I designed it so that the top 3 drawers have the same height and the bottom 2 drawers have a different height. The height of my top 3 drawers are 8", typically you need to have 1/2 clearance on top of the drawer so that you can fitted in with it being on a drawer slide. However since clothes are going in this drawer and typically people stack there close a little bit higher than the top of the drawer, I'm actually going to leave a one inch clearance. With that being said the height of my top 3 drawers are going to be 7". For my bottom 2 drawers I have a height of 10" I'm going to subtract my 1" clearance and that's going to give me a height of 9" for my bottom of my 2 drawers. For the depth of all my drawers I'm going to go ahead and measure the depth of my chest of drawers which is 20". Now on the back of my chest of drawers I'm going to have a sheet of 1/4 plywood that I'm going to rabbit in, so have to subtract a 1/4" from my depth. So now the maximum depth that my drawers can be is 19 3/4". Typically you want to leave just a little bit of room behind your drawer, now since the maximum depth can be 19 3/4" I'm going ahead and make my drawers to 19" as my depth. So my final measurements for my top 3 drawers will be 7" high 27" wide and 19" deep. For my bottom 2 drawers my width is going to be 27" which is that same as the top, the depth is going to be 19 which is same as the top 3 drawers however my height is going to be 9" since that opening is a little bit bigger.