How to Create a Kitchen Grab & Go Drawer

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to setup your well organized grab and go drawer that should be in any person’s kitchen. So here you can see is a great grab and go drawer that’s setup to assist you in packing kid’s lunches or if you’re a working person that eats lunch and likes to save some money and pack a lunch, this is where you go. The items that should be in any grab and go drawer should be snack size Ziploc bags. I also have this container that really helps me sort all of the items that are going to be loose in here. So I’ve used these snack size Ziploc that have a bottle opener, salt and pepper, sugar or sweetener if you need those. I have soy sauces that I’ve saved from previous lunches, tea, these are those great little things that you can put in water for on the go tea and I also have twisty ties. Another thing that should be in a grab and go station is, I love these, they’re wet wipes to kind of clean your hands up after lunch or for kids that want to wipe up a messy mouth. Then also we have miscellaneous silver plastic cutlery that’s disposable. Then also something from sauces or little seeds or nuts that you might want to take as a snack or raisins, I just save these after I have salads and you can rinse them out and reuse them. Also matches are a good thing to have on hand. Not to take with you but just in case you always know that they’re here for emergencies, ketchup packets. These are things that when you’ve eaten out you can kind of save and reuse them. It’s always good to have a little bit of gum and then this thing right here is called an apple slicer. What you do is put an apple here and you can slice it for lunches and that’s why I keep it in this drawer and it also helps me hold down these paper napkins. We also have straws that are good for kid’s lunches or for drinking shakes and smoothies on the go. Then I always keep a little packet of birthday candles because if I know if someone at work is having a birthday, I can take out a couple of candles and you can always take anything like a muffin or a bagel and make it into a little birthday treat for them. There you have it.