How to Burn the Rainbow Color on your Decorative Copper Plant Hanger

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Learn how to achieve the rainbow color on your decorative copper plant hanger, in this free crafts video. View Video Transcript

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Diana Bacon

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Hi! This is Diana for and we have soldered together our circle that we are going to put our plant in and we've put on a tendril so it will look like a vine on a wall. I'm going to let it cool, put my gloves back on, be careful not to touch it for several minutes because it will still be hot from the flame. So now the other decorative touch I like to put on this is the flame on copper makes a rainbow color in the metal. So you can put a rainbow color all around the metal just by using your flame. So I'm going to turn this on again, hold it away from your face, turn the little handle so you can hear the hiss and use your spark. Don't put the flame back where you soldered pieces together because it will melt the solder. So now I am just going to go along the metal and you may not be able to see it here on the video but the flame on the metal turns the metal into a rainbow color. I'm going to go all the way around on this, turn your flame off as soon as you are finished doing that one piece and then after it cools, I'm going to take my clear enamel paint and the colors will not stay if you don't spray the enamel clear paint on there.