How Do You Get Rid of Sugar Ants?

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Sugar ants are ants that like any kind of sweet food, and getting rid of them means getting rid of their food sources and baiting them to consume pesticides. Find out how to seal up a house to protect against sugar ants with help from a pest control... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm often asked how do I get rid of sugar ants? Well sugar ants is a generic term really for a lot of different ants. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control and I'm going to provide you with some information that should be very helpful. Sugar ants like I said are a generic term for any kind of an ant that goes for sweets. It could be the crazy ant, they're the ones that are real tiny and you see them going in all different directions it doesn't look like there is any rhyme or reason or it could be the odorous house ant and the odorous house ant is kind of easily identified because it will be a nice neat little line but they are both going after the same thing, sweets. So the sugars and sweets and anything like that not that they don't also eat protein like other ants and other bugs they are really pretty aggressive predators. So how do we get rid of them? Well the first thing is always an integrative pest control is to seal up the house, cracks and crevices should be caulked and weather stripping put underneath doors, get rid of the food sources but now you need to find out first is this actually a sweet eater so you can put down just a little bit of sugar or some kind of a syrup and see if they are going towards that. If they are then you can put down a pesticide and a safe pesticide will work here. A lot of biopesticides dust and sprays work perfectly well. Put it along the path that they are following from the colony to that sugar then you can replace the sugar with a sweet bait. So now you are not only killing them along the path so when they clean and groom themselves they will ingest the poison, they are also taking a bait back to kill off the colony. This double approach I found to be very effective. If you have a really bad infestation coming from the outside you can put down something like a pyrethroid or pyrethrene timed release granules around the parameter of the house and that will kill them off really well and it is biodegradable which is really nice. So hopefully this has been helpful and I'm Michael Piacenza. Have a good day.