Sharpening a Hand Saw

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How to sharpen a hand saw; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on how to sharpen carpentry tools in this free instructional video. View Video Transcript

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FRED CARSON: Hi. My name is Fred Carson. I'm from Carson's Saw Shop in Eugene, Oregon. I've been sharpening tools for over thirty years and I'm here with Expert Village. Here, we have a hand saw and we're going to sharpen the teeth, where it's got a 15 degree bevel on the face of the tooth and a 15 degree bevel on the top. And we actually have a grinder that will put that grind on each individual tooth and that's eight teeth per inch so it's a twenty-six inch saw, so it's got a quite a few teeth so it's best if we have a machine that's automatic and not have to do each individual tooth with a file. So this is how we do it. We have a jig we set it on. And we level everything up. Push the hand saw up on one side and switch over to the opposite side and make sure every thing's level. Off a little bit. Specialty glass, measuring device, then we come up here. This is a hand saw grinding machine made in the 60's by Byron Daggett. He has since passed away but his machines still live on. We gotta turn that on, around over here, turn the little blower on. Okay, we have an eight teeth, eight teeth, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Actually, about eight point fingers in place. Make sure--I think it's looking good. Yup. That fits on top. You have the finger. That would be just right. And it's pretty much how it goes. It sounds we have to sharpen 'em once and then set 'em and sharpen it again, most always. Okay, we're about to finish this saw up. Let's see if we can now cut the tooth off. Since we get down here, then we're going to go over to the set machine and put some set in each--in every tooth. Completely has to have set in the saw. Okay, we're good there. Let's see if we can take this off right here. Now I'm going to move over here to a set machine and we'll get to that in just a second.