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How to Sharpen Diamond Saw Blades

By Gail Delaney
Saw blades need to be sharp in order to cut evenly and keep you safe.
saw-blade image by sumos from Fotolia.com

You need a sharp diamond saw blade if you want to have a nice, even cut. When your blade becomes dull after repeated usage, it not only makes cutting slower, it can also make your job dangerous. The saw could kick back on you, jump in material you are trying to cut or, worse, the saw could cut you instead. You can buy a new blade, or hire someone else to sharpen your blade, but why not do the job yourself?

Hook the water hose to a faucet and use a midrange level of water pressure. Have the water running over the brick or concrete block that you will cut into with the saw blade.

Turn your saw on. Carefully start cutting into the brick or concrete block. As the water runs over the material, it mixes with the ruminants produced by the saw. This turns into a paste-like slurry that is abrasive enough to sharpen the saw blade. As the blade continues to run through the material, it wears the blade down, exposing new diamonds.

Cut 2 inches into the brick or block. Be sure to wear eye protection to keep your eyes safe.

Repeat the above steps until the diamond saw blade is sharp. The number of times you will need to repeat the above steps depends the dullness of your blade and the abrasiveness of your brick, as well as how much water you use and the blade hardness.


Things You Will Need

  • Hose
  • Water
  • Brick or concrete block
  • Eye protection

About the Author


Gail Delaney is a writer in South Dakota and has articles published online at various websites. She is the garden editor for BellaOnline, with years of gardening experience. Being the caretaker of her parents led her in the direction of medical issues, especially natural remedies.