How to Oil Cordless Nailers

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Hello, this is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today we're here to talk about cordless nail guns. Let's take a moment to talk about maintaining your cordless nailer. One area of importance is providing lubrication for the nailer. Metal to metal contact is taking place here in the nail head or the nailer head as the nail travels through the guide, it's metal to metal contact and you'll want some lubrication for that. This particular manufacturer makes its own lubricating oil. Which quite simply recommends that you just place a few drops inside the nail head from time to time. But safety first. Before doing any maintenance or anything other than nailing a nail, always remove the battery to make the machine safe. For this we're going to remove the nails and then now let's put some lubrication in there. We'll open it as if we were trying to clear a jam. Then we have our lubricating oil and we'll just put a few drops on both sides. If you put too much that's okay, you're not going to hurt anything but really only a couple of drops is necessary. And we'll also put some on the other side. Now we'll close it up and she's getting lubed up ready for the next job.