Furniture Repair: Drilling 2

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Drilling a hole to repair furniture widens a stripped hole to make it possible for mending. Drill a hole straight into a table leg with tips from an experienced home remodeling specialist in this free video on furniture. View Video Transcript

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Hey everybody Don Golden back with Expert Village and we are working on this desk leg. Now the next part in this whole scenario is to drill out the old stripped out wooden hole here and make ready for this brand new dowel so we are going to redowel this and pretty much make it like new when we're done. Now I've got two drill bits here and the reason I've got two is because you have an existing hole and this could be a little tricky using this type of drill to start it off with because you can see this is very sharp and pointy on the sides and it is really meant for starting a hole. This one, however, we can use on an existing hole to get us started and keep us on line and remember we want to drill this as straight as we can so I think I'm going to try it with this one first so let's try that real quick and see how it starts out. If it is working well enough I'll finish with this one because frankly it is a lot sharper than this bit. Now let's make sure that we have already leveled our table leg and I'm going to look right here at the top of the drill and make sure that my center level here is dead center and that looks pretty good so we'll get started and we'll try and hold it right where it is. Line that up, give it just a couple of bursts to get going. The table leg might move a little so just keep your eye on it. Let's see how that is doing. That's doing pretty well. We're about half way down. Let's see how we're doing. Where are we now? That's a nice tight fit and that is what you want. When we stick the glue in there that is going to seat nice and properly and I'm just going to measure again real quick and we have got about a quarter inch left. You know what I think that ought to do it. Measure real quick, we're good to go. So we have got our hole drilled.