Furniture Repair: Drilling 1

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When drilling to repair furniture, leveling the piece ensures a perfectly straight hole for the best possible results. Level a table leg for a proper fit with tips from an experienced home remodeling specialist in this free video on furniture. View Video Transcript

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Hey everybody Don Golden back with Expert Village and we are going to embark on the table leg repair here for that beautiful desk that we were talking about. Before we can put this back on we have got some work to do. Now we are going to drill out the hole which holds the screw. Now this is a really important part of the project. If you don't get this hole perfectly straight or as straight as you can you are going to have a leg that is a little cock eyed and you don't want that so there is a couple things you can do to insure that. Number one, hopefully you have got a nice drill that has a level on it. This is going to help, this has a side level as well as a top level a circular level that shows you dead on center as far as when you are drilling down into something. So what I am going to do is I am going to take our leg and my trusty little work bench here and we can mount this right down inside and tighten up the supports to hold this in place and what I will do once I have got that done is check it for level. I have got a little hand held level here and let's just go down underneath and hold it up against here and see what we've got. You can see our little bubble here and I'm going to pull it a little that way. O'kay that is pretty level. I think we are good to go, tighten it up and when I come back I'm going to show you what bits you are going to use and how to drill this thing just right.