How to Pick Colored Calla Lilies

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Learn how to choose the perfect colored calla lilies bulbs for your summertime garden in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi I am Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. We all receive colored Calla Lilies as Christmas presents, Mother's Day presents or just in the middle of summer presents. They are sold in pots generally in grocery stores, in florists. Once we get them they seem to just die right away. Most of the time they have already bloomed so when we get them they are at the end of their blooming cycle. To figure out a little more about the where are they from so Zantodecias or colored calla lilies are a native of South Africa so just like the large white and green goddess calla lilies they grow wild all over South Africa but primarily in a warm part shade or sunnier spot so unlike the large white and green callas especially in the Pacific Northwest they need full hot sun and good drainage because they rot out real easily so when you get one of these beautiful colored calla lilies and it dies, don't throw it away just set it out in your back yard and it will bloom every summer. The bulbs are round like the sun so always remember that the colored callas are round, they have bull?s eyes and they are more flat so they prefer a sunnier location whereas if you are a warm climate like in LA I would put them in part shade but here in the Northwest I would put them in the sun. They will come back and bloom every year in all kinds of gorgeous colors. I love this particular hot pink. It is called ruby light rose. When I plant them they like to be crowded as well. They do not multiply as quickly as the large white and green ones. If I put three of them together in a triangle in a pot or in the yard, they will be full of color next summer. Just cover it with a little bit of soil and just let it be dry all winter long in a pot. Throw it in a garage, the laundry room, in the basement against the eves of the house with some plastic and leave them dry in the winter. Then in April or May set them in a sunny hot spot you have or if you put them in a raised bed like I do I just leave them outside all winter and they come back every year without a doubt. Colored callas love the sun but in our next segment we are going to talk about a plant that loves the shade, Acanida.