Cutting the Gazebo Side Lattice

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Cutting the Gazebo Side Lattice - Provided by eHow
Cutting the side lattice when you are building a gazebo, measuring the lattice, marking the beam and refining the lines in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village and my name is Charlie Folkman. Today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Well I sent out Richard a couple of hours ago and he hasn't come back so I am going to go ahead and start going without him. Alright the next step is we are going to get our lattice measured out so I can cut it and install it. The easiest way to do that is take our full sheet of 4x8 lattice, get up on my ladder here and we are just going to plumb it on this side and this side only so that it hangs over on this side. Just like that. Now when you get it pretty plumb pretty straight up there, what you are going to want to do is mark the corner of the beam here, 2 lines. Do that one at the top and come down your ladder and try to keep it plumb and do the same thing here at the bottom. Okay so now we have our two marks we are going to need. Grab our chalk box and refine our lines, make sure right there on mark, drag it over, find our other mark and snap our line. Now since you already have your tools out and sheet out before we start cutting each individual piece, it is easy to go ahead and go throughout the entire structure and measure it out and mark your lines. That way while you are cutting you can just do right here cutting instead of up and down the ladder the whole time. Also one more thing to remember is when you cut the lattice work for your roof, we had those two 4x8 sheets that we had to cut down to the 6x6 sheets. So we have two pieces that are 4 feet in height so we can go ahead and use those for our 4 foot sections here and we will just stick them up there and mark our lines for the top and bottom and that way you can avoid a waste of material. Just use what you have.