How to Keep Cats Away From a Yard

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Keep cats away from a yard by covering up sandy areas with a tarp, continuously shooing the cats away or using a sonic device that squirts water at anything that moves. Consider trapping feral cats and bringing them to a local Humane Society with tips... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jim Harmon, California Pest Management here in sunny southern California. We're going to talk a little bit today about how to keep cats out of your yard. They're good mousers and they're good to have around but unfortunately when they decide they like your backyard, they like the areas behind your plants for their litter box, they're not so good little friends to have. One of the things we've tried before has been very successful is anything that they're trying to use for a litter box, cover it. Just put some kind of solid tarp over the top of it, blue tarp, what have you, so there's not a sandy texture to it. That'll eliminate them from defecating inside that, that includes everywhere around your house. Now one of the other areas with the kitties is in certain times a year, when the female kitties are ready to mate, the male's going around marking everything and they're fighting and they're having a whale of a good time unfortunately it drives us nuts. There's not much you can do in that situation, but keep shooing away. There are some commercially available sonic devices that use water from your garden hose and as soon as it senses movement, it shoots water right at that movement, wherever it came from. Cats don't like water, we already know that. Last but now least, for the kitties, there are some commercially available sprays that are supposed to keep the cats away that they smell it, this is typically urine or some other like compound, they do work but a lot of times they can discolor your turf, they can cause spots, they can burn the plants and you have to put so much out many times you're going to start smelling it and the idea is to have a very low level of a pheromone or a chemical scent to cause the cats to say I don't really like this spot. Unfortunately if you do get a kitty that says I like your house, I'm going to hang out, I'm going to stay, your best bet if they are a feral cat, a wild one, trap them and take them to your local humane society. Good luck.