How to Make a Birdhouse Look Old

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This is Bob Olsen with Expert Village. We're gonna take this torch, this propane torch; it's just a regular torch. We're gonna light it and we're gonna burn the edges of this birdhouse to make it look more, there we got it lit, that's the first time it's ever lit the first time on me. Now what we do is come along here, if you see the light color of the wood there and we'll just kind of make it look darker so it looks more original on most of this. And it doesn't take too long to do it. And I like to do all the edges, the raw edges which are sawed because it makes it look so much nicer and it looks a lot older looking. And the wood is old but when you cut it, it's still kind of in the inside there, so you take the torch and you just kind of burn it in there. And that color, a little bit of it will come off and I don't like to use any finish on my birdhouses because I find that, I don't know why, but birds seem to know when it's finished with some kind of a lacquer or something like that, and they don't like it at all. So what I like to do on the chimneys too, is I like to hold it in the middle there and really burn the chimneys because the chimneys usually are pretty well burned but after I burn the inside of it real good then I come down and let it burn on the outside a little bit to make it look more real and then, of course, on your roof, you know you've always got a burn place on your roof where it comes down. And so you just take and run it down that way and then it looks more original, it looks like you've had a fire in it and then we've got the back edges here to do, like I say, if you had two raw edges like this it'd be really nice to use the old edges. So there's not really a lot to do it, it just takes a little time. Sometimes you want to burn it a little bit darker than others, but I like to leave it just pretty close to the same color wood that was on there. We can go to the next segment and we'll finish it up and I'll show you my little trademarks.