How Create a Filing System

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I want to show you a few tips on how to create a proper file. To most of you, you would probably think that creating a file is just about sticking pieces of paper inside the file. Giving it a name and simply write it on the tab position provided. But actually there are a little few tips that can really help you improve on how your file looks, so when you are looking for something it is lot easier on your eyes. One thing I like to do is instead of just writing it directly on the tablet, I like to put a little white label on it. I just want to show you the comparison. It is a lot easier to read black against a white background then black against the color background. You can easily find these labels at a office supply store. They have labels made just for file folders and they come in large sheets so you can actually print. Preprint all of your labels on the computer if you really like to make them neat. Also what I like to do with files, are normally we are thought to put the paper in the files this way and label the name of file right here. However, sometime we bump into a problem when we have to many of pieces of paper in a file that sometimes the paper does not go in completely. They would actually cover the name of your file and that can be a problem when you are trying to look for something. So what I like to do is actually use the file, actually reverse the file and use it the other way. So what you see here is that I'm naturally numbering outside of the files. So no matter how bulky my folder it gets and how sometimes the paper is not putting straight the label of the document is never covered.