How to Create a Household Organizer

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Create a household organizer by using a file drawer or big notebook with different files for each family member. Whether creating a system to write down phone messages or chores to be done, organizing a family's busy schedule is simple and easy with... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today we are going to create a household organizer. And what I mean by that is a busy family, you have depending on how many people are in your family. You have all different types of things going on and each person is doing their own thing. So how does the family get organized and there is many different ways of doing it. You can use a file draw, you could use a big notebook and everybody has a different file in that notebook. You could use individual colored notebooks and what you really want to do is be able to all the little notes all the little things that are written down, somebody calls and your thirteen year old daughter writes a note down but it never goes anyplace. It's there if she forgets to tell you so you don't get that phone call message. Or you write a list down and you forget about the list and then the list is on a piece of paper and that gets thrown away. So what you want to do is make your home one more efficient. One thing that, I was thinking about is these fun notebook, I always like to do it where how could it be fun and creative also. And I found these fun notebooks and what I'm going to do is each person in the family will have their notebook and I'm going to put it on the wall where not necessarily everybody can see it, maybe in a utility room or in a closet, but we'll have these fun colorful notebooks on the wall, hanging by clips and then people can go in and just write down important things that are going on. If they have a play that they want to go to, if somebody called them and they can write down the information on their book. So the thirteen year old daughter can come in and look at her notebook and see some of the things that somebody call her, if she has a chore to do that mother wrote down for her. So it's just a way where everybody can have some place to go where everything is going to be written down. This is Ann Myrick and this is how to create a household organizer.