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The uses of lavender include decoration, culinary and aromatherapy. Discover the different uses of lavender with tips from a lavender farmer in this free video on growing herbs. View Video Transcript

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Hi. My name is Sarah Bader from Lavender at Stonegate in West Linn, Oregon. What I'm going to talk to you about today are the different uses of lavender. It's amazing how many uses there are. Really there are about three different categories that you can use lavender in. The first one would be - which is gaining a lot of popularity - is using it to decorate your home with reeds or firesticks or different things like that. Another way is culinary. A lot of people are starting to use it in their dishes with meat or fish or even with desserts, and the third thing that lavender is used for a lot, today especially, is aromatherapy and for it's medicinal uses. On the medicinal end it's amazing how many things that lavender could be good for. One thing that we use it for here on the farm is a bug spray. We make a lavender water and I can spray it on my arms and it keeps the bugs away. The other thing we do with our spray is we spray it on our bed and believe it or not it keeps the bed bugs away. Mosquitoes don't like it either. It's amazing too how relaxing you feel after you use a lavender neck wrap or a lavender body wrap or an iPillow because the aromatherapy, the combination of the lavender and the heat will cause relaxation and allow you just to go right off to sleep. So if you want to find out more information there's some great books out there on uses of lavender and so hopefully this has helped you today to see some of the uses that there are.