How to Get Rid of Army Ants

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Getting rid of army ants involves spraying the area that they are feeding in or putting down a granular bait over the entire area. Find out how to apply granular products for killing ants with fertilizer spreaders with help from a certified pest control... View Video Transcript

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Hi friends. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. Getting rid of army ants is not something we have to run into a whole lot, even in the central Florida part of the state that we're in. But because army ants are in a tropical areas, those of you that are affected by them know that army ants tend to move all the time. They'll actually come out, they feed in an area, and then they move on from that area to a new area. So, getting rid of them involves spraying the entire area, or putting down a granular bait over the entire area that they can feed on. Now, we got a couple of products I can show you real quick of...that you can use if army ants happen to be a problem in your area. Number one would be a use of a product like Wisdom EZ. This is a granule product. You put it down with either a fertilizer spreader, a hand-held fertilizer spreader, or like a lawn fertilizer spreader, but you have to treat the whole areas Because of the nature of this particular type of ant, they move so often you have to get 'em when they're in the area. Another way to go ahead and get rid of them is to use a product such as a liquid TallStar. Now biphenthren is the active ingredient, and you can use this either in a pump sprayer, or the best way is to call out a professional who can come out to your, either home or business or wherever you're happening to be seeing these ants at that time, and they can spray the whole area for you and that will kill all the army ants in your area. I'm Mark Govan with ABCV Pest Control in Largo, Florida hoping you have a pest free day.