Using Guano in Organic Gardens

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Hi, this is Steve for Expert Village, and today we're going to be talking about the use of guanos in organic gardening. Guanos are basically the excrement of different animals. They're used in order to help give the plant the necessary elements they need for growth, which would be nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. There are several different ones on the market. If you want to start your plants and vegetative growth, a good guano to use would be the Mexican guano. It's high in the nitrogen, which is good for growth of plants. Then, if you want to go ahead and flower your plants or fruits and vegetables on them, you want to switch over to like an Indonesian bat guano or a Jamaican bat guano. Those guanos are higher in the phosphorous, which plants utilize to put flowers, which in turn will give off fruit or vegetable. Another good guano that people tend to use is the seabird guano. Peruvian seabird guano is the one that they tend to have on the market the most. What that one has is high in nitrogen and phosphorous, so you can use it basically all around. You can also use all kinds of other guanos, whether it be turkey manure, chicken manure, rabbit manure...the main thing, you want to make sure they've been aged for awhile so that they're a little bit more stable. Some guanos you can get like already in a tea form, and what they do with that is they just put the guano in water and percolate it, then draw the tea off of it, and bottle it, and use it as a liquid.