How to Stay Organized When Traveling

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One great area about an organized bathroom is a travel station and I know a lot of people don’t have this area but I think it is a really great idea. So if you take a look, what I have done is I have mixed and matched containers so that if I want to go away for the weekend or I need to grab an overnight bag or I just simply am going on a road trip and I want to throw something in the glove compartment this, is your place to go. So I have several grab and go bags that I have pre-made for all those emergency items like a contact, contact case, eyedrops, lotion, nail files, hair tie, things like that, so I can just pop this right in my purse and I am good to go and then you always want to make sure with things like this, they are repeat items, so it is not something you need every single day, because this is going to be in storage until you need it. Then also the same thing goes for, this is for maybe a longer trip, if there are any medications that you need, make sure that they are not expired and they do have some shelf life on them before you package them up in a bag like this. Then the rest of this basket consists of just different empty travel cases all different sizes, so that they are ready to go and they are all clean and ready to use and then when you are packing one of these bags for instance on a trip, you can open up these little containers and they have all these tiny tiny little samples that you get from hotels, you can collect them. Don’t collect too many but just enough and then let me show you another example of that; here is all these little travel items so that way you can replenish when you are going on a trip, like so.