Saving Moving Receipts

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Save moving receipts in a small file that doesn't take up much room. Learn how to organize moving receipts with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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We talked a little bit about saving your receipts and I showed you this little file folder that I like to keep my receipts in. I like these because they're small although you also have the options for bigger ones that are very similar. And this one has several different tabs where I can either label them or not. I've decided not to label mine, just to make mental notes, mostly just because I can reuse this at the end of the year or I can move these receipts into my bigger file folder where I keep my tax information and then reuse this for something else later. Some types of receipts that you're going to want to save are any rental equipment that you rent, you can keep the receipts, that's what I have in one of these sections. In another one, I have receipts for supplies that I have bought for the purposes of moving like my tape and my felt tip markers and plastic bags, those kinds of things that I'm going to be using just for moving. And boxes, if I had bought boxes, obviously I would want to put that in my supply section also. New furniture and/or accessories for your new apartment or house, you'll want to have a tab in your folder for that. And also any donations that you've made. A lot of places where you can donate things give you the option of receiving receipts and even if you donate something to an organization that doesn't have an official receipt, you can ask them to write out a note that says that you donated this, "x", in the amount of "y". And then just keep it all in this folder until after you move or until the end of the year and you can pass it on to your accountant or you'll have it there to look at, easily accessible for when you do your taxes.