Concrete Garden Sphere Options

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There are many ways to use concrete spheres in your garden. Find out more options for using garden spheres in your landscaping plans in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now, I'm going to show you some options you could use your spheres. One of them is to create a finial. What I have here it's a precast part of a column crown and it has a circular area, so you could just set the sphere on top of it or mortar it, or you just set it inside of it because it has a nice entrapment area. So this is pretty much what you end up looking. Something like this, if you have a shrub and you have the garden hose that come and hit the shrub, you put a piece like this that's going nowhere. But it's going to stop the garden hose from hitting your shrub. So that's one example. The other one I showed you this one here, it was designed to be made as a fountain, so that's the area. What I have here, it's a saucer that I have cast earlier. Another casting this was wet cement. I'm going to use it to elevate the sphere inside of it and you put your pump under this piece here and you hook it up to the sphere. And as you see, I'm not going to put it towards the side because it's still mortared and fresh, you know. But you would put it with the opening up and you would end up with something looking like this. Okay? And you will have a bubbling fountain inside a saucer. Another way you could also use your sphere, what I have done before is you could put it on top of a pedestal like this one instead of the saucer. You could put the sphere on top of it, it looks great. Spheres they make an architectural element in the garden. They are used on top of pillars as an architectural element as a finial similar to this one. You could create a combination of them, put them next to each other, different sizes. They're just a beautiful shape in the garden. You could color them stain them or put mosaic on them. There is many way you could customize them and the sky is the limit.