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How to Make a Flagstone

Nothing beats the look of flagstone in your yard. Whether it's a flagstone patio or a set of steps, natural-looking stone gives your garden a rugged appeal. But you can avoid buying pallets of stone--and the effort it takes to haul it home. You can recreate the same look by making your own flagstones, also known as Hypertufa flagstones.

Fill a Styrofoam cooler with the sand. Make a depression in the sand that's the desired size and shape of your flagstone. Cover the depression with the dry-cleaning bag and smooth out any wrinkles. This will be your flagstone mold.

Mix one part Portland cement and two parts dirt.

Mix water and liquid concrete dye.

Add water mix to cement mix and stir the two together until the mixture is the consistency of toothpaste.

Press the mixture into the flagstone form. Cover with plastic and let cure and dry for two weeks.

When the flagstone step has dried, gently pull it out of the form. It is now ready to use in your garden or patio project.

Make A Flagstone Concrete Mold

Homemade flagstones are an inexpensive alternative to store-bought ones and can be customized to any size and shape that you want. Flagstone molds are often made of silicone and other expensive materials, but you can make them out of concrete so long as you take a few considerations into account. This will help you remove the completed flagstones from the mold. Use a wire brush to add texture to the top and sides of the flagstone form, if desired. Use light pressure to avoid tearing gouges in the foam. These details should be shallow; they are only to give the appearance of cracks. Glue the flagstone form face-up into a plastic or cardboard box. Allow each coat to completely dry. Brush the form and the interior of the box with a thin coat of petroleum jelly. Mix a small batch of ready-mix concrete with water according to the instructions on the package. Pour the concrete into the box to the side of the form, allowing it to fill and cover the foam. Allow the concrete to harden for several hours.

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