How to Clean your Garden Tools

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Learn how to clean your garden tools after a day of gardening and lawn care, in this free garden and lawn care video. View Video Transcript

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am representing Expert Village. Man we are almost done! What do we have to do now? For starters, I hope you recycle like I am. Be earth conscious like I am. Don't forget, get all the grass anywhere, any branches throughout the yard. Don't forget about the sidewalk. We got to clean that as well. Not to mention the street and of course, your neighbors. You don't want any neighbors to be upset because you messed up their yard. After all, we are beautifying our yard. When it comes to storing your tools, if you are an organized person, most likely you have the rack organizer that goes in the garage in its place. If not, be sure in a little corner to have a bucket there so you can store your tools there. I would suggest that you always wash them thoroughly, dry them, place them in your bucket there in a corner. Be sure that they are dry and clean because we don't want them to rust. It is an investment that you are doing buying these tools. How about your electrical stuff? Like the electrical lawnmower. Be sure that you clean the blades, remove the bag if it has one and remove the grass and always keep it in indoor. Any electrical tool needs to be indoors. Stay away from water. Do not damage them. It is the same thing for your electric edger, the trimmer. That is what needs to be done. It needs to be stored inside and away from water. It is real simple and I have enjoyed this project and I bet you did as well. And this is how we clean and store our tools.