Best Time to Plant Flower Bulbs

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YOLANDA VANVEEN: Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen with Expert Village. Today, we're going to talk about when is the right time to plant flower bulbs. People always say, "It's November 15th. I can't plant anymore bulbs." "It's after April 1st I can't plant anymore bulbs." Well, that is only if you live in Minnesota. If you live in any part of the country where the ground is not frozen and you have plants in your garage or your basement that need to be planted, now is the right time to plant them. I've planted a flower bed full of Tulips, Daffodils, Crocosmias, all types of flower bulbs as late as the end of January and they still came up. So, go in your garage and get all those extra bulbs that you couldn't find and plant them year round. So, if they can survive the winter, they can be planted year round. If you live in warm climates, you have the opposite problem; you have to cool them down to plant them every year. They need a cold period so you gotta dig them up. So really, the right time usually in warmer climates is fall so that they can get any coolness that we might have compared to summer in your season. And when you live in really cold climates, like Northern New York where there's--you can't get in the ground year round, then you wait. Yeah, you don't plant until--before April 1st, and you don't plant after November 15th. But if you live anywhere else in the world, go ahead plant year round. Next, we're going to talk about how to select flower bulbs.