How to Improve Your Yard

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Improving the yard is a process of cleaning out dead foliage, trimming the trees, trimming shrubs, de-cluttering the entire area, reseeding the lawn and adding fresh plants to the landscape every season. Improve the look and health of the yard with... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to improve your yard. Now having a beautiful yard is such a treat to come home to. And even if you buy a new property or a new house, it might look over grown or it might look wild; but it's very easy to clean up a yard and make it look good. So the first thing you want to do to improve your yard is to clean out any dead branches; any dead trees. You want to trim up your trees; you want to trim up your shrubs. You want to clean up any dead plants and you just want to clean. You want to de-clatter everything. If there's really old garden art, you want to remove it. You want to make sure that if there's old bird houses, they're fixed. And you want to add lots of beautiful water features. You want to add statues; you want to add lots of plants to your garden for colors; spring, summer and fall. If you have a lawn that doesn't look good, then you want to put some compost on top of it and reseed it. Just by reseeding your lawn, it will look wonderful overnight. You want to make sure that you have old decks or you have anything that needs to be fixed that you fix it as well and you want to remove anything that's an eye sore and you want to accentuate anything that looks really good in your garden. And by putting planters around your house and putting plants where there were no plants or flower beds in dead spots; or even putting some stepping stones through a garden, you can improve your yard tremendously. And you want to attract the birds and wildlife too. So put hummingbird and butterfly flowers in your garden and put lots of water features and make sure you have bird bask in your garden and that way you can improve your yard and very easily in little time. And don't forget to add color to your yard whether it's just painting the front door red or adding some bright yellow daffodils to your flower bed. You can edge your yard and you can put bricks around it or put woods around the flower beds. There's so many easy ways that you can improve your yard and improve the value of your property.