How to Fertilize Your Garden in the Fall

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Learn how to keep your garden fertilized and lush during the fall season in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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John Guion, Arnetia Francis

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Hi! I'm Arnesia Frances from Bell Nursery in Burtonville, MD for Expert Village. We are going to help you get your garden ready for the Winter. For fertilizing, you've got two different kinds of spreader. The hand spreader and the broadcast spreader. I recommend the broadcast spreader. A broadcast spreader has two advantages. It can throw fertilizer over a wider area sometimes up to 8 feet in diameter. That means less work for you. The other plus is it distributes the material evenly. This lever allows you to control the flow so you don't wind up over fertilizing or worse, burning your lawn. To set the spreader up simply follow the directions that come with your fertilizer. The manufacturer will suggest a flow setting for the area or square footage of lawn that you want to cover. Just dial in the recommended setting and you are ready to go. To spread the fertilizer, walk in even rows and overlap each row until the entire lawn is covered. Remember use the recommended amount. This stuff is strong and a little goes a long ways.